Simple Living

by manosdaily


When I traveled to Uruguay this spring (well, it was winter there, so I guess I should say this winter really) I had the opportunity to stay a few days in a white little house on the beach at the Uruguayan east cost.

It was amazing. The beautiful beach, the fantastic air, the sea. Everything seamed to slow down and just… breathe.

la Pedrera


The house was made bit by bit by friends of my family during several years. They have been building it and surfing during the winters, and renting it to tourists during the summer.

la Pedrera2


Living in this beautiful but very simple house made me make up my mind about something I’ve always been thinking, but never really committed to fully: The art of simple living.

I think I’ll trust my gut now a little bit more and start a journey towards decluttering my life.



I know it’s not going to be easy, but I really feel that it’s necessary for me at this point in my life. I’ve never been a compulsive consumer, but I do have more things that I need.  Keeping the memories of this beach life in mind as an inspiring long distance goal, I think  I’ll give the simple living a try.

La Pedrera3



la pedrera4