Autumn is here



I just love, love, love autumn. There is so much beauty everywhere this time of the year. Besides that, to me autumn represents a new beginning. I usually think a little more about what I’ve done the last year and what I want for the next period of time. I don’t usually plan that much ahead, but in the autumn I always get a little more reflecting. This year is even more special, since I decided to start studying again. I was so scared to make this decision, but it’s been so much fun.






City details


Living in a city I sometimes feel surrounded by ugliness: cars, traffic lights, trash, grey buildings, signs of stress and constant consumerism…

That’s why I love discovering beautiful details. A beautiful door, a small plant, a cute coffee shop. It gives me so much happiness to discover these things in my surroundings. Maybe it’s a matter of training your eye, but now days when I walk around in my city (or like in the pictures above, in Montevideo) I feel like there is so much beauty around me that I want to stop every two blocks to take a picture. Could be hard to get to school on time though…


September is here


September is here and my favorite season is coming. I love these chillier days, putting on some more layers, and breathing the fresh air in the morning. And a lot more knitting, of course.

A few days ago I finally decided to rip out this project and start a completely new cardigan instead. The pattern is from Pickles, and it’s actually for summer wool, but I hope it will look nice in my Drops Fabel yarn.

Simple Living


When I traveled to Uruguay this spring (well, it was winter there, so I guess I should say this winter really) I had the opportunity to stay a few days in a white little house on the beach at the Uruguayan east cost.

It was amazing. The beautiful beach, the fantastic air, the sea. Everything seamed to slow down and just… breathe.

la Pedrera


The house was made bit by bit by friends of my family during several years. They have been building it and surfing during the winters, and renting it to tourists during the summer.

la Pedrera2


Living in this beautiful but very simple house made me make up my mind about something I’ve always been thinking, but never really committed to fully: The art of simple living.

I think I’ll trust my gut now a little bit more and start a journey towards decluttering my life.



I know it’s not going to be easy, but I really feel that it’s necessary for me at this point in my life. I’ve never been a compulsive consumer, but I do have more things that I need.  Keeping the memories of this beach life in mind as an inspiring long distance goal, I think  I’ll give the simple living a try.

La Pedrera3



la pedrera4

Knitting my days away


Plain vest Pickles


I love to do a simple pattern sometimes. Specially to alternate the simple patterns with the complicated ones, it gives me a perfect combination of relaxing and stimulative challenges.

This pattern is from Pickles, a great Norwegian pattern design and yarn store. It can be found here.


The benefits of knitting

IMG_3048The past 4 weeks have been pretty busy around here. I’ve been working non-stop and I haven’t had much time for knitting. I really miss it! My fingers are craving for some knitting projects. It’s funny how you can actually miss knitting, not only cognitively (like thinking: it would be nice to knit something again) but more like a physical sensation in you hands or your chest: the need to knit.

bild1 IMG_3052bild5Lately I’ve come across a few articles about what happens to our brains while we knit, and I’ve found some really interesting information: Knitting has been proven to be beneficial to health, it makes you relax, it reduces stress, it even helps you cope with difficult situations like loss and grief. And honestly, it just feels great to make something by hand, don’t you think?

  • this article about knitting as a part of a sustainable wardrobe
  • this article from CNN about your brain while knitting
  • this article about how knitting keeps you healthy


Top-down knitted cardigan




I’ve been trying to improvise a top-down raglan cardigan while I’m on this vacation in Uruguay. It would be time to weave in the ends and start the finishing process now, but I’m honestly not sure I will. The truth is I’m not so happy with the result. Maybe improvising isn’t my strength, maybe I should just make some changes and try again. For now, I think I’ll let this project hibernate for a while,  and take on some other projects while I wait for new inspiration. What do you think?









My family and I are originally from Uruguay and we used to come here when I was a child to visit our friends and extended family. Coming here now arises so many memories from those days. It’s funny how memories come back to you just by seeing a certain tree type, or feeling a scent, or tasting some food.

The pictures above are from a little vacation trip to Carmelo, Colonia, on the west cost in Uruguay.


Barnacle Bags

IMG_1265 IMG_1266 IMG_1267 IMG_1268

Innan vi åkte hemifrån hann jag fota några bilder på min väska som jag beställt från Barnacle Bags. Lissa heter hantverkaren bakom dessa väskor: hon både designar och tillverkar dem. Hon bor på en liten ö vid Washingtons State’s kust och jag inspireras otroligt mycket av hennes enkla livsstil och hennes fina hantverk.

Väskan beställde jag genom hennes shop online och den kom fram redan efter nån vecka. Den är stor och rymlig och otroligt välgjord, med rejäla material (bomull, canvas, läder). Fler bilder kommer på väskan när den fått vara med mig lite!



Rensning pågår




Jag fortsätter att sticka alla garn som jag hade hemma. Jag har drabbats av ett sådant behov att rensa bland mina gamla nystan och göra en ordentlig “lagerrensning”. Eftersom det fanns relativt små mängder av varje garnsort så har det blivit att jag stickat små bebisplagg. Men nu gapar det ganska tomt i min förr så proppfyllda garnkorg. Det går framåt och jag har plöjt internetvärlden på mönster för att de ska passa varje garntjocklek, mängd garn osv, utan att jag ska behöva köpa till ytterligare garn till något projekt. Det har varit lite tidskrävande och svårt emellanåt, men kul och oväntat lärorikt.

Några av de mönster jag har använt: